Contemporary Artist

Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist of Iraqi & Pakistani decent living in Muscat, Oman. He exhibits his paintings in the Middle-East, Europe & North America. His recent work is known for its pop-art inspired portraits with street graffiti lettering.

Ibrahim Gailani

My creative aesthetic takes its roots from my deep belief in mystical Sufism where one constantly strives for self-reflection, authenticity and being present. To me there is nothing more spiritual than making a connection to someone’s soul through the eyes and telling the story etched on their face. In my art, I attempt to decipher the unspoken conversation of the image staring back at me – the passion, the joy, the struggle, and the remorse. I use my brush to unravel the story…

Art Curator

Gailani also curates art works of other middle-east based artists, writes a column on the art world for an Omani periodical, and lectures on “Art & Healing” to students in schools and colleges in Oman.


In September 2016 his work exhibited in New York Coffee Art Festival won the Visitor Choice Award. The same month he published his book “Gailani – An Artistic Journey” – A memoir of his life story told through paintings.


In December 2017 his painting “the Refugee” won the Jury award at the 3rd Annual “Show Your World Art Competition” showcased at Gallery MC, New York City.



“Gailani has a unique style of vibrant shimmering colors mixed with graffiti writings, one almost gets the feeling that a wall has shrunk and come onto a canvas. His bold messages do not mince words, one is enthralled by both the artistry of his aesthetic and the activism of his statements. We were honored to exhibit a stunning painting “Refugee” by him at our biggest international exhibit “Show Your World”(2017) where Gailani became one of the winners. The artist himself is a person with an extraordinary biography: he was able to persevered in a family that took refugee from oppression in Iraq, survived abuse, overcame depression and thrived as an artist.

Natalie Burlutskaya, Founder of RE:ARTISTE Art Organization, Chief Curator, New York, US


About Gailani

Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist living in Muscat, Oman. He conducts art retreats, curates exhibitions, judges art-competitions, and exhibits his work in the Gulf Region, Europe & North America. He is dubbed as the “debating artist” and is associated with art that is self-reflective and with a social message.

Gailani is the founder of The “Gailani Art Retreat” a creative getaway of self-expression using painting and music that has engaged more than 800 participants over 46 retreats since its inception in 2013.In September 2016 his work was exhibited in New York at the Coffee Art Festival where he won the Visitor Choice Award. The same month he published his book “Gailani – An Artistic Journey” – A memoir of his life story told through paintings.

In December 2017 his painting titled “the Refugee” won the Jury award at the 3rd Annual “Show Your World Art Competition” in New York city where it was showcased at Gallery MC. Gailani lends his artistic voice to causes of child abuse, anti-bullying, and also Human Trafficking.

His paintings were included in the “Art for Justice” movement exhibition in Paris that aimed at shedding light and awareness on Human Trafficking. Gailani is also a guest lecturer on “Art & Self-Expression ” at art forums, colleges and schools in Muscat, Oman


Gailani has been pursuing art as a form of catharsis and expunging his demons. His artistic journey, which began as a deeply introspective soul-searching exercise has now turned into an outward-looking one

Priyanka Sacheti, Y-Oman Magazine, September 2012

Bold, captivating and in your face are some of the words used to describe Gailani’s work. Not known for being subtle, his canvas always makes a statement. Whether you love it or hate it aesthetically, you can’t walk past one of his works and hot have an opinion about it

Mobeen Mathews, Times of Oman, December 2015

His artistic quest is well complimented by his rich ethnic background – father from Iraq, mother form Hyderabad, and grandmother from Kabul. This culturally rich background has instilled a strong spiritual essence in him and his work

Julie Fontes, Faces Magazine, March 2014

Art Retreats

“Gailani Art Retreat is a full-day creative get-away experience for people to pause, escape the daily noise, look within and paint to music. You don’t need to be a trained artist or have had painted before to join. Gailani Art Retreats have welcomed doctors, lawyers, filmmakers and creative souls from all walks of life who are looking for an avenue to express using paint. All you need is the desire and willingness to explore a topic of the retreat and express it on canvas through any means you feel true to your journey on that particular subject.

The Gailani Art Retreat does not focus on art education or teaching technical skills. There are some basics that the facilitators assist you with, but primarily the focus is on your own unique self-expression. These retreats are held regularly and to inquire more click the following link.”

To have a customized Retreat for your Business or a Support Group Contact


    Gailani’s Past & Upcoming Exhibitions


    Feb 2019 – Art Wynwood, Miami, USA


    Dec 2018 – Red Dot Miami, Art Basel Week, Miami, USA

    Nov 2018 – World About Art Festival, Campbell River, Canada 

    Sep 2018 – Portrait Exhibition. Stal Gallery, Muscat, Oman

    May 2018 – “Art for Justice” Exhibition, Paris, France

    Apr 2018 – “Art Vancouver, Convention Center East, Vancouver, Canada


    Dec 2017 – 3rd Annual “Show Your World” Art Exhibition, Gallery MC, New York, USA

    Sep 2017 – 17th Annual Frida Kahlo Art Festival, Long Beach, California, USA

    Aug 2017 – Raw Art Hollywood, Boulevard-3, Los Angeles, California, USA

    Aug 2017 – Conception Art, Los Angeles, California, USA

    Apr 2017 – UNESCO Athens Art Fair, Athens, Greece

    Apr 2017 – Fann Way Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait


    Sep 2016 – Coffee Art Festival, New York City, USA

    Jun 2016 – “Voices from Within”Art Exhibition, City Seasons, Muscat, Oman


    Dec 2014 – “Art in Embassies”, US Embassy Muscat, Oman

    Feb 2014 – Art 100×100 Vol -2, Bait Al Zubair Museum, Muscat, Oman


    Apr 2013 – Solo Art Exhibition “I am CHLD”, Whispers of Serenity, Muscat, Oman

    Jan 2013 – “Art 100×100”,Bait Al Zubair Museum, Muscat, Oman


    Feb 2012 – “Art for Atta”, Bait Al Zubair Museum, Muscat, Oman


    Curated Events

    To me viewing art is all about the journey one takes to discover stories with unique narrations. It has to energize the senses. it needs to evoke desired responses envisioned by an artist when crafting his piece. the opportunity of creating his piece. The opportunity of creating such a world to realize artistic visions is what got me into curating and managing art events. Whether it is pulling art in treatment rooms of a mental health clinic, hanging art in a butchers market, displaying them in a dark warehouse to pulsating music, painting art on a soda cooler, or draping them in colors of the Indian Ocean set a stunning opera house, the aim has always simple, designing that journey to uniqueness. I’ve had the privilege of curating a few such unique art moments. here are some memorable ones I have put together to share with you.

    • April 2014 Mussanath, Oman

    • February 2014 Bait Al Zubair Museum, Oman Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Art Exhibition

    • April 2013 Muscat, Oman Awareness on Child Abuse Art Exhibition

    • January 2013 Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Art Exhibition

    • December 2014 US Ambassador Residence, Muscat, Oman Art Exhibition of Omani & American Collabor

    • June 2015 City Seasons, Muscat, Oman Abstract Art Group Exhibition

    • A UNICEF Supported Event bringing 150 children together from 80 countries Painting Messages of Peace

    • February 2016 Maserati, Oman

    • November 2015 Stal Gallery, Muscat, Oman Aunique Art Exhibition turning coolers into pieces of art t

    • September 2015 Opera Galleria, Royal Opera House Oman Omani & Malaysian Artist Cultural Event fo

    News & Media

    “As artist it is our authenticity and our core values that makes us interesting> It is our perspective, our thoughts, our opinions, and our attempts at making sense of this world around us that forms the narrative. For me the big challenge has always been and will continue to be that ultimate question of whether I survive the limelight and still maintain the purity of my craft, be authentic and not succumb to pressure of commercial conformity… time will judge.”

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    Art Blog

    Red Dot Miami—a modern and contemporary art show in the heart of Miami featuring an international slate of 75+ galleries showing over 500 leading artists. Held during Miami Art Basel Week. Gailani’s works were exhibited under Steidel Fine Art as part of their Curated international Artist collection in December 2018.

    Warhol’s first “Selfie”, as it’s being dubbed, has just sold for £6million (RO3m) at Sotheby’s while Dali is having his body exhumed over a parental DNA extraction legal battle won by his self-proclaimed daughter, 60-year-old Pillar Abel. To me, the two artists are linked not only by their financial success within their lifetimes but also

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    Woody Allen has said he would never join a club that would allow anyone like him to become a member. For hundreds of years elitist rules that dictate “sorry, you’re not invited” have created a hunger for admission to the “Art Collectors Club”. Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have nurtured this by-invitation-only group

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    Politics and art have always overlapped, from as early as Michelangelo’s work in the Vatican, which was commissioned to depict the Catholic church’s views, to the 1930s when Diego Rivera’s mural The History of Mexico recalled the Mexican Revolution. The 1943 iconic image of Rosie the Riveter by the US artist Norman Rockwell will forever

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