Red Dot Miami—a modern and contemporary art show in the heart of Miami featuring an international slate of 75+ galleries showing over 500 leading artists. Held during Miami Art Basel Week. Gailani’s works were exhibited under Steidel Fine Art as part of their Curated international Artist collection in December 2018.

Warhol’s first “Selfie”, as it’s being dubbed, has just sold for £6million (RO3m) at Sotheby’s while Dali is having his body exhumed over a parental DNA extraction legal battle won by his self-proclaimed daughter, 60-year-old Pillar Abel. To me, the two artists are linked not only by their financial success within their lifetimes but also

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Woody Allen has said he would never join a club that would allow anyone like him to become a member. For hundreds of years elitist rules that dictate “sorry, you’re not invited” have created a hunger for admission to the “Art Collectors Club”. Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have nurtured this by-invitation-only group

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