Curated Events

To me viewing art is all about the journey one takes to discover stories with unique narrations. It has to energize the senses. it needs to evoke desired responses envisioned by an artist when crafting his piece. the opportunity of creating his piece. The opportunity of creating such a world to realize artistic visions is what got me into curating and managing art events. Whether it is pulling art in treatment rooms of a mental health clinic, hanging art in a butchers market, displaying them in a dark warehouse to pulsating music, painting art on a soda cooler, or draping them in colors of the Indian Ocean set a stunning opera house, the aim has always simple, designing that journey to uniqueness. I’ve had the privilege of curating a few such unique art moments. here are some memorable ones I have put together to share with you.

  • April 2014 Mussanath, Oman

  • February 2014 Bait Al Zubair Museum, Oman Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Art Exhibition

  • April 2013 Muscat, Oman Awareness on Child Abuse Art Exhibition

  • January 2013 Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Art Exhibition

  • December 2014 US Ambassador Residence,┬áMuscat, Oman Art Exhibition of Omani & American Collabor

  • June 2015 City Seasons, Muscat, Oman Abstract Art Group Exhibition

  • A UNICEF Supported Event bringing 150 children together from 80 countries Painting Messages of Peace

  • February 2016 Maserati, Oman

  • November 2015 Stal Gallery, Muscat, Oman Aunique Art Exhibition turning coolers into pieces of art t

  • September 2015 Opera Galleria, Royal Opera House Oman Omani & Malaysian Artist Cultural Event fo