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“As artist it is our authenticity and our core values that makes us interesting> It is our perspective, our thoughts, our opinions, and our attempts at making sense of this world around us that forms the narrative. For me the big challenge has always been and will continue to be that ultimate question of whether I survive the limelight and still maintain the purity of my craft, be authentic and not succumb to pressure of commercial conformity… time will judge.”

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News Jan – 2019
At 10ft wide, these wings installation is the largest in Oman
Art Vancouver 2018
Oman-Based Artist Gets Global Platform
Artist Puts Oman on Global Map
OmanPride: Oman-based artist Gailani goes to Hollywood
The Colors of Dispair
Muscat-based artist to participate in UNESCO and Zervas painting symposium
Oman art: Gailani launches book tracing his journey and life experiences
OmanPride: Gailani is banker to the core, artist at heart
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